Ipsity Inc.

Established in 2002, Ipsity’s mission is to support small to medium businesses with marketing and IT services.

Ipsity has been in event marketing since 2004. ¬†Ipsity started promoting it’s first event at Welch Village, MN as part of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series. ¬†Those bike events continue today and are still vital to the strength of branding and agency connections. ¬†Ipsity was integral in establishing the Minneapolis Bike Tour in 2007 as a consultant for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

It is a great brand connection opportunity for companies that are expanding to get their product or service in front of potential customers. ¬†“We are honored to be partnered with FOTB and it’s mission.” ¬† We have established the logo, procured the event shirts, created all print collateral, created this website, delivered a Point Of Sale system for registration and created the awards for each event. ¬†We have a 10 year partnership with FOTB and we feel this event will become a benchmark event in the state of MN.